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In transit, in transit

It’s been a while since my last post, namely because I’ve been in transit and not in a position to write posts. I headed off to Croatia and wow, an amazing place. A subtle blend of Greece and Italy, Croatia is a truly beautiful country. Six days of nothing was beautiful – lots of swimming, eating and sleeping! Divine.

Then I hit London and stayed with friends. It was all Olympic fever there and I enjoyed laying low and taking it in. A few meetings and a shoot that I’ll post tomorrow, before I knew it I was boarding the plane bound for Australia. Gulp! Time to go home. The trip has been amazing, and so productive and I’ve met so many fantastic new people. It was perfect.

Now, a few days in Canberra attending to family and catching up on things, off to the Hunter Valley soon for a photography conference, back here for a few days with family, then back to Melbourne where the next exciting instalment begins.

More soon from me!


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