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Melbourne Walk and Shoot Group – CBD Photography by Night

Last night I went out with my community photo group the Melbourne Walk and Shoot Group to take pictures around the Yarra and CBD by night. We had a huuuuge turnout, like about 50 people or so. So we split off to smaller groups and followed our noses. Personally, I love looking for the light at night. So my photos are really about the light play and atmosphere. The weather was a bit iffy all day but we were blessed with a gorgeous setting sun and calm night. We rounded off the night with a good beer and a sneaky peak at each other’s pictures.

Enjoy my photo wander through Melbourne CBD at night….

Melbourne has a slight Parisian/Euro feel to it.

It pays to look up sometimes.

I loved the hanging light peeking through the doorway.

Always love a good milk crate!
They are an institution in this city.

We sat down at the end and shared a beer.
The advantage of a group like this (among many) is lens sharing weeee!
Thanks Victor for your fisheye – super fun to play with.

If you fancy joining us sometime, you can! Just go to the Melbourne Walk and Shoot Group, join up and then start coming to the events we put on.


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