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Heather feeding Angus

Oh so cute! Little man Angus with his mum on his naming day picnic, Sep 08.  The inspiration for this shot came from noticing Heather (the mother) make moves away from the group to give everyone else some space from her breastfeeding. 


Hello! Oh so finally I have a blog, righto.  OK, I know i’ve been a bit quiet – I’m getting there.  In case you didn’t guess by now, I’m Beth, a photographer – I spend a lot of time on planes and trains trekking around, shooting cool things like walls and skies, then the rest of the time I shoot people, figuratively, that is.

I’ve had a website going for a while now – and a new version is in the pipeline, for now you can check out -:  I found my answers in It’s so exciting! Well, in this modern world of ours, a good website is everything. More on that later.

But so now these days I have brain overload from getting up to speed with Photoshop and Lightroom doing a course let by the brilliant David Harradine, packed full of info on curves, hue and saturation, luminosity, painting with history, sharpening, blending modes, channels, masks, alpha channels, adjustment layers and gradient masks, hidden selections, automating a batch – and i thought learning French was hard. Basically, the time has come to raise the bar. So i’m on a bit of a learning curve at the moment, but it’s going to be OK. I promise. No really.  I promise.


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