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Classical Ballet Centre Canberra

Oh my how gorgeous. Lorraine Bennett of Classical Ballet Centre Canberra has a thriving business teaching ballet to children. Recently we updated her professional portraits. Then, during my May visit in Canberra we captured her ballet school in action. This was a successful exercise in collaboration – we spoke on the phone initially, then met in person by which time Lorraine had sourced exactly the sorts of images she was after. She wanted to capture the lines and form that she teaches, but to also balance that with the fun and enjoyment that her class gives the children. This step was invaluable, so I could be as prepared as possible on the day.

We covered off what we came for with three sets of children at different ages, then we changed room and had some fun with the older girls. I would so love to do more dance photography. It’s challenging because movement requires lots of anticipation and many frame-captures to get the right one.

Thank you so much to all the supportive parents who ‘gave’ their children to us on a random Saturday afternoon.  We are very appreciative and your children were amazing!


We captured 700 frames on the day.
I edited down to a manageable quantity for Lorraine to see.
She was looking for specific lines, so I did not edit too heavily.

Together we reached this final collection.

childrens ballet photography
blue leotard photograph

Lorraine’s image tool box will serve her very well, for all sorts of purposes including her website, promotional material, etc.

boy in ballet class photograph

The happy faces.

happy children at ballet class
children at ballet class photograph

Following instructions.

Lorraine Bennett Classical Ballet Centre Canberra

The details.

hair ties for ballet
children at ballet class canberra photograph

The space.

tying ballet shoes canberra

 In post production the images have a very clean, light and bright feel.
This matches with the feel of ballet, and tones in well with Lorraine’s website branding.

happy children at the barre in ballet
children at thebarre in ballet class photograph
smiling children at ballet class

I love the hair buns and pink tights!

ballet class for children canberra

How gorgeous is this little poppet?!

child with delight in ballet

For the older girls we took a more structured approach.

older girls in ballet class
ballet shoes
on point photograph
teenage girls at ballet class

And then for fun we captured a piece they had already worked on as a group.
It was beautiful, a small sample here.
I’d love to shoot in properly on stage at dress rehearsal.

dancer photograph
collage of ballet dancing

And Lorraine – professional portraits that speak to her audience.

lorraine bennett professional portrait
professional portraits by beth jennings photography

Thanks again everyone and especially to Lorraine. Every time I shoot I something new happens. I’ve definitely come out knowing more about ballet than I knew going in, so thank you!!


Miss Helen - May 30, 2012 - 1:29 pm

Oh gosh they are stunning! I miss all of you! xoxo

Beth Jennings - May 31, 2012 - 2:21 pm

Ah…..Miss Helen!!!!! Thankyou for your comments – and we miss you all the way over there in London. xxx

Jenny Bonner - June 7, 2012 - 11:05 am

Beth awesome job, will be purchasing when I can choose. I also do photography and love your editing. PS I am the mother the Goddess! aka Courtney!

Beth Jennings - June 7, 2012 - 1:06 pm

Oh thanks Jenny!!!! I’m so glad you love the images I thought everyone did such a great job. Courtney is beautiful…best, Beth

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