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Britta Herold – Painting Anna’s Pregnant Belly

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Britta Herold extraordinaire – oh my lord she is amazing! Britta is German, and has had years of training and professional experience in make up and body painting. From what I’ve ever seen of body painting, it’s either super duper amazing, or just nuffy stuff…you know? Britta is definitely not in the nuffy category.  She is absolutely an artist. She spent three hours painting Anna’s very pregnant belly with astoundingly beautiful results.

Being pregnant for the first time is a particularly heightened experience for a woman.  Marking the moment in a special and lasting way is what the body painting is all about.  So although its temporary in that it’s washed off within 24 hours, it’s the experience and memory that lingers on.  Of course, photography is a way to keep the memory alive in a physical way. I do believe a single canvas of the final result would be the perfect keepsake moving into the future and a wonderful gift to the child.

Recently I’ve been delving into the possibilities of working with Fusion technology – a blend of stills, video, audio and music.  I can see great potential for this with my business clients.

So sit back and watch the magic unfold as Britta paints Anna’s pregnant belly.

Thank you Britta, for having me along!


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