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I had a rather delightful Sunday recently out with friends on a winery tour around Canberra.  In my wedding photography days I learned that there are in fact about 30 wineries in the region.  We sipped a little, asked a few questions, purchased a few bottles, and off we went again.  We visited:

Clonakilla (
Gallagher Wines (
Shaw Vineyard Estate (
Yass Valley Wines & Crisps Lane Cafe (

We learned about cork vs screw caps, the drought, bird management, the balance of sugars in the fruit against the temperature of the weather at harvest time…and most importantly of all, if you like it, drink it.

The landscape in these pictures is fairly typical – dry, a yellow-brown colour pallette, stark, harsh, yet beautiful in its own way…how on earth white settlers thought it’d be a good idea is beyond me, however, they sure found a way to make it work, and the wines from this region are bloody good.


Trish - February 18, 2009 - 11:52 pm

Ooh… Clonakilla… I love their wine. The Shiraz Viognier and the straight Viognier are just incredible. It’s what we buy when we want a really, really special bottle.

One of the winemakers from Clonakilla was producing wines under the label ‘Ravenswood’ – not sure if he still is, I’ll have to go and ask them about it at Vintage Cellars. I bought a bottle in Sydney a few years ago and it was lovely (and about $25, making it slightly more affordable!)

Lovely pictures.

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