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BJP [welcome]

Art Deco cruise ship poster ©

Art Deco cruise ship poster ©

Hello! Welcome! Today is the official day for launching the blog.  I’ve been blogging for a couple of months now, but after ironing out a few things, it seems to be rolling smoothly now.  When  I returned to Australia I heard some talk about the value of blogging (Web-logging) and decided to take a closer look.  Two friends of mine with blogs were my inspiration: and

A blog is a great place for posting the latest of what I’m up to, where I’m going, what I’m photographing, what inspires me, sort of a combination of a visual diary and travel journal, but for me it will always be in the context of my photography.  Where a traditional website is static, a blog is updated regularly and is interactive, which means that viewers can post comments, much like the comment adding feature of Facebook (which I’m on btw, and I welcome friend invitations!).

So, without further ado, I hereby crack  the champagne on the side of this ship.  Her voyage has been officially launched.

Go on now, click around, don’t be shy.  I have posts categorised at the right, links to other websites, my current and next locations, top 3 posts, that sort of thing, to help guide you around.


Lois - January 16, 2009 - 8:19 am


Congratulations on “Voir c’est croire”. It is true to say that at first viewing “je ne pouvais pas en croire mes yeux”…such a different way of communicating is this new medium known as BLOG. But I did enjoy the piece on Patti Smith and look forward to dipping into the site from time to time for insight into what you are doing, seeing and thinking as you pursue your passion for photography.


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