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Today is the first day in the new year of the sitting of parliament.  To mark the occasion there was a climate change summit, the focus of which was to protest the Rudd government’s recently proposed target of 5% reduction in emissions by 2020 –  It attracted 2500 people, dressed in red to represent the global climate emergency.

5% is not enough!

Wish I was here 12 months ago for the Prime Minister’s formal apology to the Stolen Generations.  I must say, on days like today, a thought went through my head about how lucky I am to be Australian.  I turned up, the protest was well managed, covered appropriately by the media including a fly-over helicopter, and held publicly on the lawns of New Parliament House.  Our government may not always do what makes us happy, but at least we live in a democratic society where we can freely say what we think about it.


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