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Beth Jennings Photography [sobering]

Today I thought I’d get some more work done on the website.  Its slow, but coming along nicely. 

Meanwhile, this evening was sobering.  I thought I’d grab the news over dinner and two hours later walked away feeling dazed, and frankly, wondering what the hell is the world coming to?  Over 100 lives lost (and still counting) in the worst natural disater in Australia’s history through firestorms in Victoria, widespread floods across Queensland, the worst financial crisis since the Depression, and a growing concern that if our governments don’t do something within the next 10 years to reverse global warming that there will be no turning back.  Man.

Photos can wait.

I have done my little bit I donated $75 to and seriously thinking about getting over my life long fear of giving blood, surely I’ve got more than I need anyway.


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