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A New Improved Heather and An-gie (as he

A New Improved Heather and An-gie (as he's known by his sister)

OK so the plan is to find my way around this blog to put the most into and get the most out of it.  In an attempt to change the photo in the last blog, i tried and failed.  But then, didn’t say i would check back on that image and see if i can get a better version of it happening? or maybe i just thought that… So here it is.  Ah, much better.   Any photographer will tell you – the bain of my existence – is never being satisfied with the final image.  But this is definitely better.


Trish - December 15, 2008 - 2:21 am

That’s a lovely image. I like the corrugated iron roof, the rock wall, and the blokes all drinking their beers, oblivious to the focus of the picture, the baby and his mummy.

So chuffed to have helped inspire you to blog… can’t wait to read/see your next post!

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