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Professional Portraits – Bagryana Popov

It’s a fact of life. We change – our hair grows long, we cut it off, we change our look, how we look changes. I think about every three years it pays to update your professional portrait. It doesn’t have to be a protracted, painful exercise posing for the camera under studio lights. It can be done efficiently, and with a little pre-planning discussion, created in a context that says a little something about you.

Bagryana Popov wears many hats – she’s an educator, theatre-maker, occasional performer, choreographer, director. She needed an update on her professional portrait. We looked at a couple of outfits she had, and settled on the black number – casual but with a bit of flair to it. She’s in the arts, so we had a little creative license – we let her hair fly, picked a Melbourne alley with great light, sourced a milk crate and we were off and running.

My feeling is that even with a standard mug shot, something of you still needs to shine through. That when people look at your portraits, they get a feeling of your character and your vibe. For Bagryana, I wanted to capture her warmth, and her poise. We worked with a few different backgrounds and poses. In the end her hero shot, above left, is perfect for the brief. Head and shoulders, looking at the camera. Then me being me, I still shot around it. We chatted and laughed our way through it, and one point I stepped back and just loved how she was sitting on the milk crate, her posture was very ‘Bagryana’. She’s a great lady.

In the end she loved more than just the one, and opted to purchase these four shown.

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