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Jitterbugs is a fantastic business that provides dancing entertainment at children’s parties, and they also do music and movement at childcare centres and kindergartens.

Today’s imagery features a dance party for six year old Emily and her friends. Kylie requested that the focus be more on the joy of the children, than on her, but she also knew she would end up in some of the captures.

Kylie has so much energy!
She cranked up the music right from the start.

A groovy disco ball.

The children hear about limbo.

The suspense….

Nice lean!

Music is played for pass the parcel.
When the music stops the child left with the parcel gets to pick some fun accessories to wear.
Then when the music starts up they dance.

They are just gorgeous kids.

Kylie leads them so well.
She keeps the entertainment moving along with a big smile the whole time.

Another bit of coolness is the temporary tattoos.

The children were completely transfixed as Kylie put them on each child.

Then some scarves came out – light, colourful, fun scarves.

For the final activity the children sit in a big circle and all grab onto the stretchy green fabric.
The funky music starts and they all push and pull and bounce the orange frogs around.

Kylie’s energy is infectious, and the children had a ball. If you’d like to book Kylie for your child’s next party, all the details are here.

Thank you Kylie! And a big thank you to all the mums and dads that allowed us to work with their wonderful children.


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