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Bolli Blossom – Professional Portrait Photography Melbourne

Christina Bolli has established Bolli Blossom, specialising in facepainting for children. She was in need of professional photography that expressed something about her brand to use on her marketing material. She dressed in a gorgeous purple medieval outfit and painted her face. I invited her into a setting that would suit the pictures – the grounds of the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens…gorgeous lakes, ferns, little bridges, stone walls – it all served as a suitably whimsical and mysterious backdrop for Christina.

We started with some wide compositions, and had her moving around the space.
A flurry of movement and a sense of play.

Then we came in closer, but kept in that amazing outfit.
The water and green ferns reflecting in the water backdrop were perfect.
Her posturing is relaxed (great for the kids) and professional (great for the parents) at the same time.
Even a little ducky in the bottom right corner obliged!

And that gorgeous light pouring down from above.
Just a beautiful capture of Christina.
It was Christina’s kindness, warmth, fun and whimsy that shone through.

Bolli Blossom can be found foraging in the forests painting the faces of little children in the Healesville, Victoria area. She can be reached on 0400 641 892. She makes a pretty amazing animal balloon too, if you ask her nicely.

Christina says:

‘Thank you so much for today with gratitude.  Your beautiful photo means that I can take the next steps to creating a face painting business for myself.’

Good luck Christina!!!


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