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Winter in Canberra


A Canberra family photo session in the middle of winter? Are you crazy? Well, actually, no…Canberra’s a pretty groovy place in winter…cold nights, but full on sunny days.  Today was no exception.

I met up with Jo, Phil, Emily and Will for a family photography session at the National Museum of Australia. Little kids and exhibitions don’t really mix, especially when you need entry permission to be there! But outside was no problem…for them…well for me I had a challenge on my hands with all that sun, but I loved the big tree, it had a bit of a Magic Faraway Tree feel about it…did you ever read the Magic Faraway Tree series by Enid Blyton?  oooh you haven’t lived…


Will and Emily are such lovely children.   They are growing up with basic lives, but in the richest way possible.  Jo and Phil are believers in the simple and clutter free life. You’ll never see Emily running around with the latest popular TV children’s figure branded across her jumper, holding a plastic doll that looks like that same branded figure with posters up in her bedroom featuring that same recognisable figure. Emily never let go of her beautiful hand made woollen friend.  One friend, to hang out with her, for the whole day.  Between that, and discovering the wonders of the big pine tree, she and Will were happy as Larry…and so was I!


I’m challenged by photographing childhood.  Well by this I mean, I’m fascinated to try to put to a photograph what I remember of being a child myself…I had a blissfully happy childhood, living the first ten years of my life in a place called Leura, in the Blue Mountains two hours west of Sydney by car…maybe there’s a little bit of me in my pictures of Emily, as my first memories of Leura started at this age.  We had a beautiful garden that was designed by Paul Sorensen (famous in his day, he created what are now heritage listed gardens), and there were windy paths all throughout and a big tree at the back that I always fantisised about climbing but never quite managed.



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