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Christmas holiday fun

Post Christmas bliss is a wonderful thing to watch.  Kids are all out riding their new scooters, playing with new toys, and everyone is relaxed while the hot lazy days roll by.  Hours to spend sleeping, eating, swimming and then doing it all again.  It was time for Lauren to get a lesson on her new bike.  The bike that she said she’ll ride when she’s five (she’s five in March).

her first sit on the bike, with little Angus watching on

steady, steady! Nup, Angus has lost interest…

coaching from Mum ‘you know Lauren if you keep it up you’ll be riding it in no time’….Lauren’s not convinced

Dad goes for a spin

meanwhile opening the new Snazaroo facepainting kit was a more appealing option

Snazaroo facepainting

a little pirate!!

snazaroo facepainted pirate

and a lovely butterfly!!!

Snazaroo children

nice job Mum

Snazaroo children


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