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Our Slice of Heaven

As a family, David and Alissa always want family photos.  The trick for them is finding someone with a trained eye, that can see everyone there.  They have two lovely boys, Harry (Henry, actually, but known as Harry) and Archer, otherwise known as Arch or Archie.  Archie is just one month old.  This is a special time welcoming the new baby to the family.   David and Alissa opted to have their photo session at home, the central place where they currently all come together.  A beautiful day beckoned us into their backyard.

This is their 2011 Family Story.

Our Slice of Heaven
2 November 2011

 Some final adjustments.

family photographs black and white

A lovely, gentle kiss for Archer.

toddler kissing baby photograph

Darling boy.

image of toddler smiling with his mother

Motherhood agrees with Alissa.

a beautiful mother

As David says, ‘we’re very lucky.’

family photography canberra

A special Father’s Day gift this year.

a special gift an airplane

Breathing in that beautiful baby smell.

a father tenderly kissing his newborn son image

The constantly evolving backyard.

a backyard of vegetables and chickens

Harry loves the soft chickens.

toddler picking up a chicken

A quiet feed outside on a Spring day … perfection.

a mother breast feeding her newborn baby

So tiny, so precious.

a beautiful newborn baby with open eyes

In loving, safe hands.

a mother kissing her newborn baby

A special look for Mumma.

big baby eyes

Alissa distinctly remembers the drive to the hospital.
The morning was just gorgeous, the sun was breaking through the clouds.
Archer was born in the bath, and David caught him! 

a couple with their newborn son

Hurricane Harry just blew in!

a father wrestles with his son

Gorgeous cheeks.

toddler photograph black and white

Harry loves to explore and discover.

a toddler explores his backyard

David can see the man in Harry … for now, a little cutie.

a very cute toddler photograph

Harry is completely absorbed in his discovery.

closeup on eyes photograph

Coriander leaves …

a toddler inspects a bunch of coriander

… for Mum!

a toddler hands his mother a sprig of coriander

The neighbour’s lemon tree.


One of about twenty lemons that Harry picked.

a toddler picks lemons from a tree

Harry continually surprises and intrigues David.

a father looks curiously at his toddler son

An armful of baby and lemons!

a beautiful moment between a father and son

Archer’s eye is like an artist’s paint stroke.

sleeping baby

Busy and beautiful in the veggie patch.

a buxom woman waters her vegetable patch with her toddler

Alissa’s soft hair as it moves in the breeze.

closeup on hair

The sneaky thief.

a toddler sneaks an egg

Family time in the kitchen.

family cooking in the kitchen

That’s Archer before we met him.
When you start seeing a head, body and legs, it really does bring it home. 

a fridge door


toddler laughing

 A single curl.

Dad’s got dinner covered.

Somebody’s hungry.

Ohhh bubba.

Archer wears the outfit that he wore home from the hospital.
Alissa wanted him to have something just for him, not a hand-me-down. 

While Alissa comforts Archer, Harry plays.

Special time with Mumma.


Shall we go for a walk, Harry?
Special hats are on. 

Harry will fall asleep on our walk. 

It’s a beautiful day today.

Alissa appreciates the present moment.

beautiful woman

A special baby and a special pendant, both close to Alissa’s heart.

After a big morning Harry sleeps.

A beautiful, sensitive collection that captures many special moments of this lucky family in photographs.  It will showcase in their gorgeous book and be accompanied by two stunning wall art pieces.  Thank you Alissa, David, Harry and Archer for sharing this very special time in your lives with me.


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David Pearson - December 1, 2011 - 10:22 am

Dear Beth

You have helped us to capture a series of memories for our family that are at once beautiful, fragile and unique. The glorious collection of our family, our Slice of Heaven, are a constant reminder of how lucky we are and the joy of living and love that binds us.

Thank you so very very much

Alissa, David, Harry and Archer

Beth Jennings - December 2, 2011 - 2:18 pm

Wow David what an amazing comment, thank you so so much. I loved creating this beautiful collection for you, and I love that you love it all so much!
You are so very very welcome.

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