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Sleeping on the job [travelling photographer]

Sleeping on your own family photo session?!

Oh, OK, fair enough, Giorgio is working nights and juggling gigs with different bands with wife and newborn bub at home, so maybe he can be forgiven…

More on Giorgio, Louise and baby Xavier from Glebe, soon…

Sydney is great…I’ve discovered driving in Sydney is not so bad after all…except maybe on the Harbour Bridge (which you should climb once in your life) with a massive truck next to me and three lanes of cars bearing down on me coming the other way…a bit like threading a needle with a tonne of metal but nah, other than that, Sydney is fine!

Two more family sessions in the works before I hit the road for Newcastle on Monday…

I’ll post some results as soon as I can…


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Jules - September 19, 2010 - 4:16 pm

oooooh, Lou and Yo Yo!! I LOVE this photo, it captures the awesomeness of everyday moments. And it makes me feel a little bit closer to my beautiful friends and their baby who I am yet to meet. Thank you, Beth. Are you putting more photos up soon??!

Beth Jennings - September 20, 2010 - 10:26 am

hi Jules! Thanks for your comment, yes I will be putting more up soon, I just wanted to put up a taster, as I am still working on this beautiful session with Lou and Giorgio and their new little package. So cute!! heading to Newcastle today…more from the the other side! xx

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