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How to build a portrait in six easy steps

I took my photo group this week to Herring Island in Melbourne. It’s a small island, very natural and largely untouched that is accessed by a little punt across the Yarra River. When I arrived we had about 60 attendees and I thought, it’s a cloudy day and not a lot to do on this island, maybe we can do an impromptu portrait lesson.

So we all congregated and I took the participants step by step through a free 30 minute lesson on how to build a portrait. We had the lovely Vanessa who volunteered as the guinea pig.

Follow this step by step sequence when you next try to photograph a portrait – observe the horizontal portrait of Vanessa below as you read through.

1. Find the background first – simple and aesthetically pleasing backgrounds are a winner

2. Check the lighting – smooth lighting out of full sun

3. Place your subject – choose where they will be positioned in relation to your background and lighting

4. Establish correct exposure – take a reading and test shot via your shoot flow

5. Connection with subject – what you give them is what they’ll give you so relax, chat and smile

6. Decisive moment – when they give you something beautiful, it’s worth the click

Canon Mark 2, 50mm L Series lens
ISO100 F1.2 1/2500 sec

Copyright Beth Jennings Photography 2014_Herring Island-8585
And finally, the difference between an OK portrait and a goodie, is remember to keep reminding your subject to relax.

See the difference between the two pictures below?

In the left one Vanessa is all psyched up to be ‘photographed’ – which means oh crap now I have to perform in front of the camera.

Er…no. Can you see the tension in her neck, jaw and forced smile in the left image below?

I want to make a beautiful capture of Vanessa, something that makes you go awwwww. Whilst her posing was perfect with the wonky shoulders, the off-centre feet and the feather in her hands, she just needed that reminder to relax in her body, which she did, and to lean towards the camera a little bit.

See the difference?

Suddenly we see something that’s really Vanessa, and has that lovely ‘moment held’ feel to it.

Copyright Beth Jennings Photography 2014_Herring Island-85855
Thank you Vanessa!!!!! You were wonderful – and love that hat too.

Outstanding effort, B



Gillian Jervis - March 5, 2014 - 8:08 pm

Great tips, thanks Beth. I have young kids & they (still) enjoy posing for me so that I can practice my skills.

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