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BJP [poppies]


I have a week to go now until I ship outta here…so I’m thinking ahead a bit in terms of where I’m going.  Once I leave Australia LA will be my first stop.  This will be a family visit, so I thought I’d go back in the archives and pull out one of my ‘ole faves.

My Dad’s American.  So every few years we’d make the pilgrimage over to California.  He took this image by the side of the highway.  You know, one of those moments I’m sure where my Mum saw the famous poppies and said, ‘can you pull over?  let’s stop here get a photo with the girls and the poppies’.  That’s me, in the middle, 5 years old.  My sister on the left and my Mum on the right.  I can remember the warmth of the day, the sea of colour, the glu-glunk-glu-glunk sound of the tyres on the highway (unique to the landscape there).  I even can rememer the smell of my grandparent’s house!  All that comes up just from looking at this little photograph.  Gold.

The magic is that it stops time.   There it is, frozen forever.  And it’s just a little snap really, nothing special, not a big fancy-schmancy day like a wedding.  Just a little family moment.  But more special to me than you can imagine.

My mum (shock, horror, shock, horror…I’ll say it one more time…shock, horror) has thrown away basically all of the negatives of family photos…MUUUUM!  Thankfully, this original 1981 print survives, right down to its faded colours.  I love it, it’s one of my all time faves. 


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