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Dancer Head Shot – Elise Drinkwater

Recently I met the beautiful Elise Drinkwater. She’s graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts dance program and now she’s in the big bad world she needs a good head shot.  Head shots are necessary for agents, directors, etc to gain a clear view of what a performer looks like. They need to clearly see your ‘assets’, as in, how long your hair is, your frame, and strengths/main features. Elise has a gorgeous heart shaped face, perfect skin vibrant eyes. Her hair frames her face beautifully and she has a very natural poise and elegance about her.  What I’ve discovered about head shots, is that the smile is neither teethy/grinny, and no smile at all. There’s a certain sereneness required and the expression needs to be inviting. You need to speak to the viewer through your eyes, you need to look alive, but also composed. You know, that kind of ‘you want me‘ expression. It’s confident, but not cocky.

Elise Drinkwater Dancer Professional Head Shot
The lighting is high key, very clean, and minimal post production. I have only applied sharpness to her eyes, and spotted and softened her skin a little. This head shot is really important to get right, because before and after the audition this is how you are referenced. With actors a lot of time is invested in the mood and expression, as that final look can determine the sorts of roles you’re selected for. For a dancer this is not so critical, what is necessary is that come across in control, professional and warm/a nice person to work with at the same time.

Have a look at Elise in action on her showreel here. She is just gorgeous to watch in action.

Elise was happy…Thank you so, so much! I couldn’t be happier, you’re one speedy and talented lady!

Good luck Elise!!


Lily Mae - December 24, 2012 - 4:29 pm

This is such a beautiful portrait!

Beth Jennings - January 8, 2013 - 10:59 am

Ahh… thank you Lily you are very kind!

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