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Our Favourite Places

The story begins with a British chap called Stephen transferred to Sydney with work. Enter Teena, a fateful encounter at a work function, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Teena and Stephen live in Sydney with their little man Noah. He was always going to be called Noah, when they knew they were having a boy at twelve weeks. Stephen spent the subsequent six months talking to Noah. When he finally arrived, Teena initially needed specialist care.  Stephen paced back and forth with a crying Noah while Teena was tended to. These combined events meant that Noah and Stephen now have a very close connection.   Teena said she wanted photographs that captured the way they feel about each other as a family. Stephen said he wanted images of Teena because she’s always taking the pictures of the family.

It’s a beautiful and touching collection.  Teena and Stephen loved it, and decided on wall art and a gift set. With Christmas coming, and Stephen about to head back to the UK for a wedding, the timing couldn’t be better.

Introducing…Teena, Stephen and Noah in some of their favourite places, on a Saturday in Sydney.

Teena loves Gerberas.
They take pride of place on their mantle.

Noah’s obsessed with the broom at the moment.

He’s always inspecting his belly button.

A fleeting moment of them preparing to head out for the afternoon.

Stephen’s off and running!
Hi Noah! 

Teena looks for Noah’s little car.
The men quietly watch.

The grass is scratchy.
Stephen and Teena often laugh when Noah’s crocodile tears appear. 

But not for long as concern crosses Teena’s face.


Kiss sandwich!

Noah loves it when Stephen and Teena are affectionate.
This is their one of their wall art selections.

Big strong Dad arms.

Looking to the future together.

Again, Noah?! The grass?

Up, up and away!

Over here!

Just gorgeous.
Strong and gentle at the same time.

Teena and Stephen didn’t get images that expressed
how they feel about each other on their wedding day.

I’m so pleased for them that they have this.
A single capture that says it all.

Snuggly and happy.

Certainly a loved woman.

Hi Noooooah!
(Noah has just learned to say his name this week.) 

A beautiful moment captured from Teena’s perspective.

They could be anywhere.
In fact they’re in Centennial Park where they were married.
This park is now the special place where they regularly go as a family. 

A sweet gaze for Noah.

Liddle fingers!
Too cute. 

Noah explores the park with a watchful Mum and Dad nearby.


Come here, you rascal.

Teena nibbles on Noah’s sausage arm.

A beautifully connected family moment.
Noah is a very lucky little boy.

How beautiful is Teena?
And I love Noah’s little neck. 

Lots of cuddles for this little treasure.

A tired little fellow.
 Noah plays with Teena’s hair. 

Mother’s comfort.

The late sun at Parsley Bay and a world away from the UK.
What a place to raise a family. 

Everybody in…weeeeee! 

Beautiful boy.

One of many afternoons they will probably spend here together in the summer.

Thank you so much Teena and Stephen, for choosing me to capture the feelings and special moments in your family life.  I loved creating this with you and for you.  I’m proud to know that as your family grows these beautiful images will go with you into the future.


– – – – – – – – – – – –

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Gail Wooldridge - December 5, 2011 - 11:05 pm

For a mum to see her first borne so incredibly loving and happy is just fabulous. These photographs have captured the essence of the family relationship and I feel so very proud to know that this little family is part of mine.

From a very proud grandma, mother and mother-in-law.

Best wishes
Gail xx

Beth Jennings - December 6, 2011 - 6:30 pm

Gail what an amazingly proud thing to say. Thank you so much for taking the time to put down your thoughts here. It’s so great that you’re so proud of your family and that this collection reflects all that you see in them. Bethxxx

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