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Our Haven Home

When I met with Terry and Mia, and heard about their unique family, I thought, you bet, let’s go! They own Foxy’s Landscapes, and have been contributing their amazing design and landscaping skills to the Canberra region for years.  They’ve been so busy meeting other people’s needs that they were forgetting their own. They knew that taking time for family is one way to bring the focus back to what’s important.  And what better way to keep those memories alive than with beautiful photographs that authentically tell their story. Memories like…capturing Oliver’s cuteness before he starts football, Phoebe’s head full of curls, their beautiful and ever-changing garden, a work of art that is their haven.

I couldn’t wait to see this amazing home and garden that they have, and still are, creating.  It is a sanctuary in which they are raising their beautiful boy Oliver and their lovely girl Phoebe.

Without further ado, I introduce to you with pleasure, Mia, Terry, Oliver and Phoebe.

Our Haven Home

Feral Beryl, as Phoebe is affectionately known.

Toddler on trampoline photograph

The trampoline makes a safe place for the children to play together.

children on trampoline in the sun photograph

Childhood is freedom.

boy enjoying the sun and garden on the trampoline image

When we met Terry said that Oliver didn’t know how lucky he was.
Now I know why.
How amazing is their backyard!? 

boy under the tree on a swing

Rubber boy.

boy hugging himself sepia black and white photograph

The swing provides many hours of kiddie fun.

mother watching as her toddler daughter swings under a tree in the garden

Gentle swinging back and forth, back and forth.
That little neck is too scrummy. 

little girl feels the breeze on her face as she swings

Oliver starts to feel a tad left out of the swinging fun.
His amazing eyelashes! 

young boy wraps a fern around himself

He holds a freshly plucked flower in front of the camera to show.

boy holds flowers in front of the camera

Terry places it carefully in Phoebe’s hair.
I love that little face and the hands…gorgeous. 

father gives his little girl a flower to put in her hair

Beautiful Mia with flowers, a gentle breeze and soft light – the perfect picture. 

mother smells the fragrance of a beautiful flower

Little chortler!

little girl on swing smiles in delight at her parents

This is priceless!!
How gorgeous are those toes. 

father chews his daughter

Phoebe is at a very cute age, learning to walk and super cuddly.

little girl in red outfit

Hey Oliver! Over here!

boy with his parents photographic portrait

Action man.

mother smiles at her son image

Lightning fast.

son smiles at his mother colour photograph

The Silverback Gorilla.

father and son at play on the swing in their garden


little girl lifted high in the air by her mother is thrilling

A book to ignite the imagination, given by a friendly neighbour.

little girl reading a book in the garden

How’s the intensity!?

little girl reading a book earnestly

The consummate artist describing his living passion – the back yard.

father holds his hands to the sky as he describes his garden

Terry and Mia provide a very special place to raise their children.
A little bit of dirt never hurt anyone. 

little girl

An earnest discussion takes place.

young boy speaking earnestly to the camera photograph colour

Oh no! Tragedy has struck.

little toddler girl have a tantrum

A change of pace, time for a swim.
Terry and Oliver lovingly lower Phoebe into the cool water. 

father and son carefully lift toddler into the swimming pool

Big strong arms.

young boy shows off his muscles

A caring older brother and watchful father nearby as Phoebe splashes the water.

little girl splashes the water in the swimming pool with her brother near her

How about those beautiful ringlets and soft skin.

father holds onto his daughter with curly hair as she swims along the pool edge

A big belly laugh from Oliver.

boy laughs at his sister in the swimming pool

Mia takes over watching Phoebe in the late afternoon sun.

little girl enjoys swimming in the sunshine

Such a simple activity but it delights everyone.

mother laughs delightfully

The Silverback Gorilla makes a return.

the silver gorilla

A cuddly warm body to snuggle up to.

father hugs his son and dries him after a swim

One of many treasured family moments in the pool.

family enjoying a late afternoon swim

Phoebe’s shorts are about to burst!

toddler with squashy fat legs

Peace, quiet, togetherness.

family drying off after a swim

Oliver reaches for a group hug.

family hug

A glorious sunset and a stunning gum tree to say good bye to the day.

Thank you Mia, Terry, Oliver and Phoebe for sharing your haven with me.  It was a lovely afternoon in your beautiful home and garden with your special family.  These treasured family moments will live forever on the pages of your beautiful story book and on the walls of your home.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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Kathy - November 10, 2011 - 8:02 am

Beth. Those pictures are stunning. What a beautiful family (and garden).

Beth Jennings - December 2, 2011 - 2:19 pm

:) Thank you Kathy for your thoughts you are so right, they are a stunning family and their world is really something to behold.

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