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Happiness in Hannover

It’s really something, bringing a new baby into the world.  I mean, really, something. Katti and Björn have just had their second baby, Bent. He now accompanies his big brother Jan.  Katti and Björn are from northern Germany, (Bent is in fact a Danish name). I met them here in Hannover in 2007. When I came back in 2009, we captured some beautiful images of Katti and Jan together. When I returned this week I was so pleased to see that three wall portraits hang proudly in their bedroom from their 2009 Family Story.

The time when a new baby comes into a family is so special and fleeting.  Within days the newborn baby gains a little weight, his eyes open more and his family adjust to his presence.  This is one of those extra special times in family life where capturing the moment is so important, because so many things happen in a sleep-deprived blur and before you know it the little chap is crawling. Just a few hours spent together, a bit of extra effort, but it’s so worth it because these precious days will only happen once.

Introducing…happiness in Hannover, with Katti, Björn, Jan and baby Bent…

She’s tired and hungry, but she’s smiling.

A German breakfast by the window complete with croissants.

…it doesn’t last long – Katti is up and in the next room to see to the baby.

Little baby Bent.
Katti lifts him gently. 

It’s such a beautiful and peaceful room for feeding.
I love the lion and the beautiful plants lined up along the window. 

Jan’s been here.

Hello little one!

I love the texture and softness in this image.
Teeny weeny fingers holding on are definitely important to capture in a photograph. 

Bent settles down, but not for long.
Katti tries again. 

Gosh, I can’t even imagine how tired she must be!

Multi-tasking – Katti reads a lovely card while she feeds the baby.
Beautiful lady. 

Meanwhile Björn is on the case.
He’s ironing Katti’s shirt then checking on the baby before we go out to collect Jan.

Such a close and connected couple, I love their vibe.

Back at the house there is a beautiful courtyard for everyone’s use.
Katti leans in to listen to what Jan has to say. 

Jan finds fascination and delight in the garden with Dad.
Katti says ‘he’s a real little boy’.
A child must learn about everything that we adults take for granted. 

Very close and intent on their discussion.

I like that Jan looking at his mother has been captured.
I’m pretty sure I don’t have an image of me like this from when I was little. 

And he’s gone!

An outing to the park is in order.
I love their sweeping staircase. 

Parks and kids bring out the child in all of us.

Katti and Björn are such a lovely couple.
She is content. 

… and well looked after.

A book arrives in the mail for Jan.
While the baby sleeps they have a little read together. 

Soft skin and a button nose.

We don’t need words for this.

One of many little kisses for the baby.

Oh no! Tragedy strikes!

Just beautiful, I mean, really.

And finally, another read while the baby feeds.

Thank you Katti, Björn, Jan and baby Bent, for having me in Hannover to capture your 2011 Family Story.  It is really beautiful, and a very special time in your lives.  I hope these images help you to remember the special details of this precious time.



Marianne Blöcker - September 5, 2011 - 2:40 am

I am very happy to see this little family in such nice fotos.
I wish I could have such nice ones of my sons family! Which is lovely , too, of course.
Thank you, where ever you are!

Beth Jennings - September 6, 2011 - 8:27 am

Hello Marianne! Thank you so much for the lovely comment! Yes, I feel every family deserves to have this kind of photography, it’s a very unique way of photographing family, purely my own! Keep in touch, you never know I may just return one day to Hannover!

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