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Your Loyal Companion

Wendy came to pick up her pictures.  She decided to take a boxed set of ten 8×12″ prints (about A4 size) individually mounted and signed, ready for her own frames. She also took some 5×7″ prints as gifts for her mother in Canada.  She opted for a groovy little purse book with her two favourite images, and the gorgeous crystal mounts that hold two prints back to back.

It’s very rewarding to watch my clients open their products.  A bit of time has passed, they’ve forgotten what they’ve ordered, and it’s like Christmas when they open everything! And I’m so proud to present this work, as it’s all carefully managed from start to finish.  My lab Pixel Perfect in Sydney deserves a mention too.  Their prints are lush. They always execute my on-screen vision perfectly.

DVD burning of files is always an option, but there’s nothing quite like the physical experience of a photograph.  I see it as the most important one step in the process.  I want to see people like Wendy get the best out of the images and I believe that includes my professional involvement in the physical presentation of the photographs.

The story of Wendy and Benny can be read here.

pet photography sydney

The crystal mounts have a very clean presentation, and they showcase the artwork in a contemporary way.

sydney pet photographer

Wendy’s gorgeous purse book.
It holds her two favourite pictures and she can have them with her wherever she goes.

your loyal companion photography

And all the prints, they looked beautiful in their frame-ready presentation.

photography prints

I love Wendy’s face here, she looks tickled pink!

pet photography sydney

Thanks Wendy!

Your Loyal Companion

Your Loyal Companion is a new product in the BJP line of family story photography.  For many people a pet is so much more than just a dog or a cat…a pet is their loyal companion.  I think that’s worth celebrating. Wet noses, special toys, fluffy ears, their personality and the experience you have of your loyal companion can be captured beautifully in photographs.

For $150 receive your loyal companion photography session.  The images are edited, crafted and ready for you to see.  When you see them you can then decide on the physical presentation.  Your Loyal Companion photography suits story book presentation, or you can opt for individual items, or both. Products begin at $55,  there are no restrictive packages and you can invest in as much or as little as you want to.

Sydney-siders, now’s your chance! Sunday 13th March is my last available shooting date. The sessions are fun, with lots of giggles and cuddles.

Call me on 0450 692 599 or email me for more information.


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Thea Mcgrath - February 24, 2011 - 7:16 pm

Hay Beth – I really love this set and I love how you have wowed the client with image that are so wonderfully presented and all packaged! Nice work :)

Beth Jennings - February 24, 2011 - 9:02 pm

Aw thanks Thea!! So much appreciated that you would say this…yes, I think presentation and packaging is very important too, all beautiful and like opening a present at Christmas! How’s all your work going? xxx

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