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Lucy and Benjamin

Towards the end of last year I photographed Sally and Tim with their gorgeous twins Benjamin and Lucy. All I can say is nom nom nom – those babies are just too cute!!  The start of their family photo session was timed with the best time of day for the babies. I have to say, I was so impressed at Sally’s natural capacity and agility at juggling the two babies. One baby in her arms, the other in the rocker, then switch, then the first baby is crying so switch back again. Now the second baby is crying to switch again – wow!! Tim works full time, and believe me, I reckon Sally works 25 hours a day with the bundles.

Introducing….Sally, Tim, Lucy and Benjamin…

Benjamin glances at Mum.
How about those two little sausage fingers?

Now they are both on the floor together.
At three months they are still learning that the other one is actually there.

Lucy’s turn with Mum…aw…scrummy.

And now Benjamin.
I love catching unusual angles like this.
I mean, Sally will never see what he looks like from this side, but this photo can show it.

A lot of time is spent in this room together, on the rug.

How beautiful is Sally?
Gorgeous, lucky boy.

Floor time. And probably time for a little chat too.

This one I just love, love, love.
It’s my favourite family capture of the whole morning.
I remember saying ‘team meeting!’ when I took it and in a flash it was gone again.
As the years go on the trees will grow and become a marker for time passing.

Not directed, I promise!
A genuine, snuggling-in-her-hair picture.
That there is one happy man.

One baby crying, one baby sleeping.
There’s a bit of humour in this, poor little poppet!

I just love these two images.
Purely designed for those fine details – the lashes, the soft skin, the teeny hands.

Nap time.

Oh hang on, one more snuggle.

Thank you Sally and Tim for selecting me to capture your gorgeous bundles and family life at 3 months. Benjamin and Lucy are just beautiful babies are you are both truly blessed.


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