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Monday Musing – a quote for husbands

A couple of years ago I documented The Apple of their Eye. It was the family story of Cathy, Chris and their little apple Lauren. They were from Canada, living in Canberra for just one year. The initial desire was to find the right photographer to beautifully capture Lauren’s little 3.5 year old cheeks. But of course due to the spontanaeity of Your Family Story, their collection became so much more than that. During our time together, Chris had Lauren up on his shoulders, and for a split second Cathy raised her chin to send a kiss to Lauren. In the instant that she did that Chris gazed straight at her. It was one of those magical, fleeting moments that couples share, so fleeting that she didn’t even know he was looking at her that way.  Ohhhhh that’s love.  A love-inspired Monday Musing.


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