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Monday Musing – quote on Grandfathers

I think Grandfathers and Grandmothers don’t really get enough publicity in our society.  In some culture Grandparents are highly valued, but we seem to down play them in Aussie life… or is that just me?! Well, seeing life through a lens does tend to slow one down.  And I do notice time and again how children just love their Grandparents and vice versa. It’s a very special dynamic that is different to parents and children.

This photo is my Dad with Angus. One is so little and one is so big and protective! It could be easy to think, does the child notice? But the look on Angus’ face says it all.  I had a conversation recently with a friend of mine about the definition of family. We realised that family is about this constant act of giving.  Giving of love, support, attention, down to basics like food and shelter. Grandparents do that in abundance and all they need back is that little smile to keep them coming back for more.

If you fancy taking a closer look at the pictures from this family story, click here.


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