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Monday Musing – Family Quote on Childhood Memory

I’ve just gone back in time to Our Haven Home, today’s inspiration for Monday Musing.  Ahhhh gosh I love what I do….family stories are just so fascinating and a revelation each time I embark on one. I believe that every single family posesses its own values and vibe.  Terry and Mia are raising their gorgeous children, Phoebe and Oliver in their urban paradise in Canberra. I spent an afternoon with them in the backyard, it was quite the adventure complete with tears and fat nappies from swimming.  Yes, wonderful family memories alive forever in their beautiful pictures and thus today’s inspiration for Monday’s Musing:

I love what I do, I really, really do! Why….because I feel I am using my photography to add meaning to other people’s lives.

Thank you, Mia and Terry, for allowing me into your world and giving me the opportunity to capture all of its humour and beauty. Phoebe and Oliver are very lucky munchkins!


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