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An Interview with Angus and Lauren

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I’ve been playing a lot lately with fusion technology – the blend of stills, moving images, audio and licensed music. My latest family photography offering is an interview with your children.  It’s so cool – because it’s intimate and personal, and all the gorgeous little ever-changing nuances of your children are captured including their beautiful voices.  For this one I created the questions, but you can pick the questions if you like.

An interview with one child is $995, with two is $1295, embedded into one clip. It takes several hours in post production. I think every family should have one of these done once per year. You receive your video in high resolution on a disc to play on your home TV/big screens, and a low resolution version to keep on your smart phone and share online.

Soooo gorgeous!!! I’m as excited about this as I was when my new leather bound, embossed Your Family Story book came out….lush! I just love creating memorable products for memorable people like your little ones.


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