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I feel like I’m going to cry

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Think back to a short family holiday you took, say, five years ago. Do you find that what you remember of it is a few fleeting images?

Here’s another question: when you take a little family holiday, do you take pictures?

Earlier this year my Dad turned 70 so the family went to New Zealand to celebrate. My folks went off on their own for a few days to do some fly fishing, leaving my sister and I and her family to occupy ourselves. We explored Queenstown and decided on a day trip to a historic town called Arrowtown.

During one of the days on our own we opted to hang out in a park for a hour or two over lunch. I recognized it was a good opportunity to pull out the camera and capture their latest family story instalment. It wasn’t planned at all, but then often the magic lies in the unexpected, spontaneous moments anyway.

The slideshow here shows Heather, Darren, Lauren and Angus in a nano-second in the course of their lifetime as a family. The chances of this little window of time being remembered without photos is very slim as it’s usually the bigger memories that tend to stick over the long haul.

Did you know that kids love to watch themselves in pictures? When my niece Lauren (aged 8) saw this collection she said oh I feel like I’m going to cry. Now while I’m not in the business of making people cry on purpose, but I am in the business of capturing what’s important. Sometimes happy-tears are the fall out because they show people all their loveliness.

The best thing about this slideshow is it captures who they are at that very moment in time. It shows their individual personalities and the special connections they have with each other. It also reminds them of the trip itself and triggers other dormant memories of that day together in Arrowtown.

I created all of this inside Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. The memories are organized, polished and presented in a slideshow with music.

All on how to do this is explained step by step in my book ‘Memories at your fingertips – organize your digital photos like a pro’ which you can buy here if you so desire.


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