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Fusion Film Family Photography

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Fusion Photography is a new technology that combines, or, fuses, video clips and image slide shows. You can also add audio and music. My camera, the Canon 5D Mark II has the capacity to capture full frame stills and video – you just toggle between the two depending on the moments you want to capture in the chosen format. I’ll admit, I’ve been a bit scared of this even though I’ve had my current camera for well over a year. The data loads are huge, and it gets scary when you sit down with a video editing program. How to build a cohesive story with all these elements? And then, you’re also dealing with audio which is another can of worms.  I decided to bite the bullet.

This last month I’ve been in the bat cave developing some Fusion Films – with success. They are still in development and some of the people featured prefer it to stay off line.  However, in the coming weeks I will have more to show.

The key difference with Fusion Photography is that it’s not a video. It serves more of a way of showcasing the highlights of  the photo session. It’s taken off in wedding and I’m very excited to be delving into it with family. I think be a great option for my families. Whilst parents may cringe at hearing their own voices, it’s really for the little ones. They love to sit and watch themselves. And, of course, as time rolls on, these films become more valuable as the inevitable happens – children grow up and we forget exactly how they sounded and moved at various ages.

The film you see here combines the stills, audio and music to tell the story of ‘Our Favourite Places’, featuring Stephen, Teena and Noah in Sydney. I didn’t take moving footage that day, but even so, you’ll probably agree that this brings the viewing experience of traditional images to a whole new level. It’s great to be able to off the story in a printed, book format, and in artworks, but to add this option to the offering is just thrilling!




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