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This week I went along to the swimming lesson of a little one called Lauren, with her entire family in tow. Dad in the pool, Mum poolside with little one #2 looking on with interest.  It was challenging photographically – not as much light as I would have liked, plus the constant movement of the water and the people in it.  But these things are just particular to the day and keep me on my toes.  I really love the patterns in the water created from the reflected light, and the colours as well, offset nicely against my little cherub in pink.

Going into it, I was particulalry keen to capture the relationship between father and daughter.  These moments are so precious and before you know it he’ll be walking her down the isle.  This family are part of my Family Stories project  in which I revisit families every so often to document their changes and developments.  It’s not exclusivley what I do in terms of portraiture (meaning, I do one-off shoots as well), but it is fascinating to return and see what’s different, and to try to capture those developments.  The final step in the series of instalments is to put the work together in a book format, which then will develop into a series of books over many years.

Sooooooo cuuuuute!

For any parents out there reading this, the swimming school is called Aqua Harmony, and it’s run by a lady called Fran.  She doen’t have a website but you can find her at 106 Cotter Rd Curtin ACT 2605 and on   02 623….


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