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In Our Little Base

Jeff and Clare and I go back to their wedding in 2001. When we had our preliminary meeting for their new family story we were laughing that time is marching on and we’re getting old! They now have three gorgeous children – Helen, Thomas and Anna. As each child turned 8 months, they’ve asked me to come and photograph their family story for them.  I think it’s a great idea to form some sort of structure to when you get a family photography update.  It could be a special event or milestone, or time based, whatever suits you really. We were talking about where was special to them that would serve as the backdrop to their family story photographs. Clare said they did a lot at home, which they described as ‘their little base’ so being at home was a good fit for them.

It’s just so cool to keep coming back periodically. Hats off to Jeff and Clare for a little forward planning.  The key with family story photography is the element of surprise, it’s the unknownness that I thrive on. You never know what will make the next picture, the key is in being present and technically prepared. Then, when your hearts sees the moment, it’s guaranteed to be captured.

This family is just so delicious, and I have a place in my heart for them. Scroll down slowly for the details.

We start in the baby’s room.
Anna is just waking up.
This is Helen, how gorgeous is she…

A little bit of mystery.
Who is this new baby?!

Aw, there she is!
I love Helen at the side at the left.

We go outside and Jeff comes in with a headband for Helen.

This is so cool – in like, 15-20 years this picture is going to be fantastic.

And this is Jeff.
It looks like a great backyard for the children to grow up with.

A little sneaky one showing the elements – the hoop, the garden as it is now.

Thomas is a mini-Jeff.

Anna sits and watches everything.
She gets a surprise kiss from Thomas, totally unprompted.
He’s a sweet boy.

Just love this…

I’ll take a side order of baby sausage legs please….nom nom nommy nom!!!

Helen announces she’s hungry which is totally fine.
It moves the session in a different direction.

Banana bread comes out followed by a discussion.

Too cute – Thomas has a very particular way that he wants his banana bread cut.
He tries making the shape with his arm, then draws what he wants.
This is very, very important!

I love the fleeting nature of this.
A passing moment, like a train in the night.

When Helen was a baby we captured her with the exact same expression in her eyes.

This front room is the perfect place for some family time.

Spontaneity is what works here.
You could never set up an image like this.

Or this…Thomas just launched himself on Jeff.

Thomas is so attentive to the baby, it’s just lovely.
Jeff looks a tad proud, wouldn’t you say?!

Helen is particulary enamoured with this toy at the moment.
Love the friends on the window sill.

It’s time to settle in for a quiet read.

This one stops time.
Everyone is focused on the book.
The gentle rest on the top of Anna’s head completes the moment.


See? Aren’t they just a gorgeous family?

The best thing about this is that it’s real.
I could just as easily not been there and they would still come together in this way.
I love Jeff’s hand on Anna’s tummy.

My lord. Stunning.

This one captures the interaction between Helen and Thomas.
They obviously get along very well.

Anna stayed in good form for a few solos.
She’s a very curious baby.

And totally delightful!

Clare is a beautiful mamma, there’s no two ways about it.

We popped outside for a little swing.

And Jeff is a great Dad.
So communicative, open and loving.

And the best thing about this family, (besides the perfect children)…

…is that Jeff and Clare have still got it…

Jeff and Clare have embraced the digital age, so they took their family story collection on DVD.
They’ll make slideshows for the children to watch on their lush big screen.

Love you guys!!!! Anytime you want photography done again, like anytime at all, please please please call me! I’m totally hooked.



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