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Baby Lloyd’s Christening

Remember this photo?

photograph of pizza shop in brighton united kingdom

and maybe these?

dancer photographs

In 2009 I took a world photo tour that included a week in London.  I hung out with Helen and Martin there.  Helen’s a ballet dancer and teacher, and Martin is a theatre set designer. We spent a day together at Brighton and late in the summer evening Helen cracked open some moves. The pizza shop image ended up in my exhibition leaving traces. It was an awesome week filled with laughs and inspired discussion.

Little did we know that Helen was expecting.  Fast forward 18 months…and we reunited in Cooma, Australia, for their son Lloyd’s christening…their family story had begun…

photograph of church

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of first laying eyes on someone that you haven’t seen in a long time, it’s SO exciting!!!

photographs of a christening

The service got underway and a video was installed so that Martin’s family in the UK could watch the events unfold.

christening video
church pew photograph
photographic coverage of a christening
photography of a christening service in cooma

It’s such a nice feeling at a christening.
Everybody is there in good spirit, even if they’re not religious.
The service was lovely with lolly offerings made to all.
The idea simply, is that we must live in the spirit of giving rather than taking.

church interior photography
baptism of baby photography

A beautiful candle was presented to Helen and Martin.

candle offering during a christening photography
christening photography in australia
celebration of christening in photographs

Woah mamma! It was one crazy windy day!
But I love this image, Helen is beautiful and Lloyd is so scrummy.

windy day outside church for christening


family photographs at christening outside church in cooma
mum and dad with baby at christening at the church
godparents and parents with baby at christening photography coverage

Then we hit up the house for a good old fashioned barbeque lunch.

photography of christening
photography coverage of christening cooma

The black hat!

london black hat photograph
christening photographic coverage

Martin is a classic British chap, always looking for the humour in the moment.
It works well with Helen’s killer smile.

christening photographs
baby photograph

Hanging out with the god parents….and grandma!

photograph of godparents with godchild

A really lovely family experience to capture not only for everyone that was there and for Martin’s family, but for Lloyd himself. Thank you Helen and Martin for having me along, and I’m looking forward to more creative adventures with you in London in 2011!



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