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Little One Baby May 2012 Issue

Oh my word. I’m published. I have never felt so proud.

I’ve felt the need to really get Your Family Story out there to give people far and wide a chance to consider it. Little ONE Baby was the clear winner. Their focus is on supporting mums and dads with lots of real life stories, ideas and products to make your family life as special as it can be.

There are many challenges in going beyond the ordinary when photographing a family. On the day of shooting, I’m thinking, what’s happening here that this family will want to see and experience again and again in the future?

I create family art. Maybe stunning artwork(s), maybe a beautiful story book, maybe both. There is something for everyone in terms of packages and personal taste.

A special thanks to Alex, Laura, Timothy and Rupert that feature in this issue…and of course the inspiration for Your Family Story – my sister and her family – Heather, Darren, Lauren and Angus.

Click here to learn more about Your Family Story.

B xx

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