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Father and Son Quote – Mark Twain

Today I feel like adding something new to the mix. I have all these amazing images of special family moments taken over the last four years or so, and all this inspiration tied up in it all. So I thought it would be really lovely to start finding beautiful quotes and sayings on family, written by far better writers than me, and pairing them with images in my library.  A Monday Musing perhaps? … let’s see how it goes … here’s my first one:

This gorgeous picture of Ben and Doug was taken in Washington DC during the Steele family’s 2 year overseas posting. We went to their favourite neighbourhood, Alexandria, to capture images that would remind them of their unique American adventure and the special memories they shared as a young family there. Ben, at that time, was a little uncertain and a little shy.

The glance to Doug is priceless. A real, like-father-like-son moment captured.


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