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at The Coach House

It’s early 2010 and I’m just about to send a beautiful BJP Story Book and Wall Art collection to Alex and Laura in Cape Town. It’s fitting  now that I share something of their photo experience with you.

Late last year I was in South Africa and at the 11th hour I had a phone call from Alex.  When we spoke on the phone I felt compelled to try to fit them into my schedule.  They had desperately wanted photography like mine of their family but had been unable to find it, and instead were settling with someone who insisted on using flash every time she photographs them.

I’m so glad I did, because what transpired was an instant connection and a stunning family story result.  As soon as I met Alex and Laura in their home called The Coach House, they welcomed me in, offering tea and croissants (ha ha, always a winner with me!).  Croissants aside, I invited them to show me their love, kindness and joy, to share with me what they experience everyday in their family life.

What resonated was their values.  First and foremost they’re focused on each other, their children, their home. Laura was seriously ill a few years ago. They know life is fleeting and that the magic they experience today will become a memory tomorrow.  I truly hope I get to cross paths with Alex, Laura and their beautiful boys to capture their Family Story again.  They allowed themselves to trust me and my camera, even though in fact I was actually a total stranger in their home.

Alex and Laura, thank you so much.  It’s very easy to imagine that this photo thing I do is clinical – I just turn up and take a few ‘shots’ and make a sale later on.  But no, it’s far more than that. I get to meet inspiring people like you and I take the responsibility seriously to make a significant contribution to your family memories.

Here is a sample of what we captured on that lovely spring day in Cape Town at The Coach House…enjoy.


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Alex Duigan - August 24, 2010 - 5:30 am

Beth, thank you the wonderful photos you took of our family. They have captured a moment in time which we will cherish forever.

The time we spent with you was very special. We treasure the photos and story book we received in the mail and look forward to another photo session some day soon.

Best regards,

Alex and Laura

Alex Duigan - August 24, 2010 - 5:32 am

Edited from an email dd 13 April 2010

‘You deserve to do well Beth. You have a gift of capturing the moment and reading the situation so well. Keep up the good work.’

Beth Jennings - August 24, 2010 - 8:51 am

Oh Alex thanks so much that is fabulous feedback! I’m so glad you’ve stopped by to offer these comments. I really hope you and Laura and the boys are doing well. xx

Beth Jennings - August 24, 2010 - 8:52 am

and me too Alex!! I do hope our paths can cross again. It is so wonderful to hear from you and it’s such a great start to my day. Sometimes it’s hard to know if it’s all going well or not, but hearing this from you is very heartening. I have a copy of your book here and I love looking through it. I’m sure we’ll have the opportunity to meet again, but who knows where!! xx

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