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I introduce to you Sirkka and Tobias, who live in Hamburg.  They’re expecting their first child and it was my pleasure to be able to help mark this important period with some beautiful photographs.

They are such an open, friendly couple and we had a lovely time walking through this memorable part of Hamburg for the photos.  The first image posted here is taken looking over the famous River Elbe, across to the factories and industry that operate along the waterfront.  (Hamburg is a major port city for Germany). We then took a little walk for shelter (it was raining) and happened across a beautiful building to use for the backdrop.  I get rather excited about such locations. 

They are just so excited about their impending arrival and you can really see it in the pictures.

Thank you Sirkka and Tobias!

Big hugs, and I wish you the very best for the arrival of your little baby.


Tobias - July 14, 2009 - 6:41 pm

Beth – you did a marvelous job there! Who said that beautiful pictures need fair weather? Looking forward to the prints, definitely… Thanks again, you’re a pro and my favorite photographic nurse.


Beth Jennings - February 3, 2010 - 11:20 pm

thanks Tobias! It was such a stormy sort of day but we sure managed didn’t we!?
Very pleased with my title :)
take care and hope to see you again,

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