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BJP [polished]

I have been shooting some brilliant families since I got back, and I’ll aim to get some of that work up here for you to take a look.

When I’m working with young families I’m focusing on capturing the experience of childhood.  Kids have this wonderment/discovery thing going on that I love tapping into.  They think the simplest things are fascinating, and I love trying to get that point of view in my pictures.  Scroll down for a sec, and have a look, then come back….to me, its in the details, the energy blur from running, the finger gently touching the mirror sculpture, the sense of adventure in the reeds, the fear of the boogie man comin’ to get ya! and the dark and dirt of the sculpture and playing hide and seek around it.

Today’s post is about Kurt and Michelle and their children Marney and Jayda…oh my they started off clean and by the end the gloves were off and their little hands were in the dirt.  Michelle looked somewhat sheepish and laughed that she tries to keep them neat and polished and it just never quite comes off, so actually that was cool with me because it meant that something happened in front of the camera that happens anyway for them – normal stuff like kids getting dirty.  And that’s the whole point to my BJP Family Story concept – marking the moment in as real a way as possible, and capturing the delicate moments with finesse.  It’s such a fascinating process, seeing what these new families will bring to the table…and you can never quite tell what that will be.

I’m sure we were supposed to act all civilised and high brow being in the sculpture garden of the National Gallery of Australia (you know, Rodin sculptures and the like lying around the place) but nah, we climbed and ran all over.  No-one came and arrested us for disturbing public art, no-one got hurt, just a bit of dust got kicked up is all. Well we had tears but not for long, I think that was Kurt’s fault.

This was just such a cool shoot, Kurt was looking roped in at the start, muttered a few comments about wanting it over as quickly as possible.  Right, you’re on, challenge accepted.  It was great afternoon, the light was kind and it was a special place for Michelle and Kurt. Lovely lovely.



kerry barnett - April 4, 2010 - 8:30 pm

Congratulations these photos are really special. As the grandad of the children I was particularly impressed with the quality and spontaneity of the photos well done!

Beth Jennings - April 5, 2010 - 1:31 am

Thank you so much Kerry, it means so much that you would take the time to write this. I do intend for the work to be impressing, have impact and meaning, so it is really great to gain this feedback. I hope that something in the collection was for you and that you will all treasure these images for generations.
Many thanks

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