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I introduce to you Nicole, John and baby Gavin – from Atlanta in America.

What a fabulous morning I had … a) because they were just such lovely people, and b) because we are all approaching the city and Germany as outsiders.  We get excited about the S-bahn!  And graffiti!  And funky staircases!  They have  been here for two years with a possible extension of another 3 years.  So they are really living here, learning the language, and exploring the city.

At Nicole’s suggestion we opted to have the photo session incorporating the train network, which you could say is an unusual setting for a family photo session.   However,  the train network is integral to their lives, as you would also find in cities such as London and New York.  So it was a good idea in the end to use the trains and Bellevue train station as our canvas.

It was such a nice morning, and we had a great time in the follow up meeting going through the images as well.

Interestingly, I find that the best images are those that capture the love and good feeling within the family.  Berlin is the backdrop and yet time and again it’s the chemistry of the family members that draws me in.

Nicole and John, thanks so much, it was really a pleasure to get to know you both. I wish you the very best for the coming years here with your little Berliner baby.


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