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BJP [finesse]

I introduce you to Jodi, from Australia, her hubby Erik, from Italy, and their little girl called Elliette, affectionately known as ‘Elliette la Belle’.  (I’m learning fast that Berlin is a truely international city).

What an awesome photo session!  Such a vibrant and expressive be-who-you-wanna-be family, the challenge was in keeping up with them!  They are creative people, and live in the arts district of Prenzlauer Berg, which is where the shoot was held as well. 

Here they are, peeping out from their apartment window…

tobias 1

tobias 2


They proposed that we go for a walk to a spot that they had in mind for the session, so at this stage I was on a trust mission.


tobias 4

tobias 3


We walked along until we hit Oderburger Strasse, in Prenzlauer Berg. 

And then we walked into this…


tobias 6


In years gone by this type of building was far more common when a lot more artists lived here and accommodation was cheap.  There’s a lot of construction going on in Berlin, a lot of change and development, all the time.  I just hope that some of these places stay.

The very run-down nature of the backdrop to this shoot is quite typical in eastern Berlin, and eastern Germany looking further afield.  At one time the buildings were clearly quite beautiful with a rather regal style architecture.  Then along the way the buildings were no longer maintained, and thus they became a canvas for the discontented and/or artistically frustrated.  Now, as Germany continues to rebuild, much of what was, remains, and in some cases you will see the buildings in a semi-decayed state being maintained at that state of disrepair, almost as a mark of pride.  It’s fascinating.

Meanwhile, how awesome are Jodi and Erik, just fantastic!  They are such loving, fun and open people, and I feel we really managed to capture that.


tobias 8


Aside from caring for Elliette, Jodi creates hats.   I love the little cap for Elliette, and the blue number is brilliant against all the yellow and red tones in the images. She created the concept called Perpetual Costuming which has taken a back seat for the moment due to one little bub, however, costumes and hats are clearly Jodi’s calling.  Further to that, Berlin is perfect.  It’s a low-cost city, so she can afford to take some time to be creative, and, she lives in the old DDR – the German Democratic Republic – so anything goes fashion wise – with a special touch of style and finesse that only 30 years of socialism can offer.


tobias 10

tobias 9

tobias 11


and let’s not forget Kudio the dog…he just waited and waited for us…what a cool dog!


tobias 13


tobias 15

tobias 14

Editing this result was excruciating – in a good way of course – we’ve ended up with a dynamic range of images and just too many to post here.  You may notice a change in format now, which I will endeavour to continue.  As I work towards building my Family Stories concept, I feel it’s time now to start to incorporate the look of what I’m producing for my clients into my blogging…all uniquely BJP!

Jodi, Erik, Elliette la Belle…and Kudio the dog, thank you so much, truly.  It was just such a great experience for me – and you absolutely proved what I say every time on a photo session – you get what you give.

I feel that no matter where you live, your lives will always be rich with love and postitive energy, and I hope very much to see you again in the future to capture the next instalment of your Family Story.

Much love,


David Beecroft - January 24, 2010 - 11:24 pm

Hi Beth,
You might be interested to know that the house where your photos were taken is slated for a major renovation at the beginning of March. It will look like the place next door. I am glad you have such wonderful pictures of the place. All the best!


Beth Jennings - January 25, 2010 - 2:47 am

Nooooo!!!! That is tragic news, oh i’m so disappointed about that…bloody progress! Well i hope they do a good job on it and retain some of its character. I must admit when I was there shooting on another day a delivery guy stopped and said to me ‘you’re ten years too late’…uuugghh hit me right in the gut! But I still love Berlin :)

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