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BJP [besotted]






I’ve been in Germany for a couple of weeks now, and am very lucky to say that I’ve been able to meet some great people to photograph.  Germany is a bit of mystery country in terms of travelling, well, at least that is to say, it tends to not be on the top of the list of travel destinations when people back home talk about where they would like to go.  I can vouch for Germany, in saying here and now that it is full of the nicest people, they have great food, and beer, a fascinating and complex history that reveals itself between east and west, a stunning landscape and a brilliant capital.  More on that later…

In Hannover I photographed a lovely and kind mother, Katrin, with her four month old baby boy, Jan.  Oh it was such a nice shoot, we photographed in and around the apartment she shares with her soon-to-be hubby, Bjorn, (who unfortunately could not make the shoot).  I love the old German buildings, they have soooo much space and atmosphere.  Beautiful floorboards, high ceilings, massive, double-glazed windows.  They just knew how to build back then.

Anyway, I digress again.  The shoot was delightful, Katti, as she’s known, is clearly completely besotted with her little man, and who wouldn’t be?

Thanks so much for having me Katti, it was just such a pleasure to be in your life and home, just for a moment.  I hope I can see you again in the coming years to document your family life again…perhaps next time will be in your native north!


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