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BJP [beans]

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This week I’ve been photographing some families that live here in Berlin.  It’s a fascinating process, as each family has its own story and chemistry, and they live in Berlin.

I had a lovely afternoon in a park in a neighbourhood called Friedenau over last weekend.  The neighbourhood is in the former west Berlin, so the landscape is a bit different to what you’ll see in the former eastern area.

I thought I’d write this post just on Simo, the 5 year old son of this lovely family.  He was full of beans, jumping this way and that way, inviting me into his world to photograph him.  I love it!  I wish adults would do that!!  And I have to say, I was impressed at his ability to switch so seamlessly from English to German and back to English.  Not too shabby…the benefits of growing up in Europe, and in particular, in Germany.

Thank you to Elni, Ulf and Vayio, and an extra special big thank you to Simo.


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