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Beth Jennings Photography [freckles]

Michelle and Joanna

M & J

Family Picnic

Family Picnic

What can I say… I had the pleasure of returning for a second time to photograph this wonderful family M, G, J and S…Such great kids, not a lick of pretension, articulate, friendly, just a pleasure to photograph.  It was just such a lovely afternoon, they brought the picnic rug, picnic dinner, games to play and we ended up hanging out taking photos for a good two hours.  These guys just don’t sit still – always laughing and always affectionate with each other.  We had action, we had romance, we had water bombs, no really, water bombs and the rest is in the pictures.  BTW – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – love those freckles M.
Heartfelt thanks.
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