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Berlin Portrait – Anne

In my on-going series of Berlin Portraits, today I am introducing Anne….the rest is for you to ponder and enjoy.

Thank you Anne, I love your result – you are uniquely you.

B xx


‘Moving to Berlin was not part of my life plan, and, despite having been here for over a year, I still have no inclination to plant roots down.  I chose Berlin because I needed a place big enough where I did not feel trapped.  I wished to start this next chapter of my life on my own, with as many options as possible at my fingertips.  Berlin for me is another experience before I settle down. It’s quite scary, really, that someday I will have children.  I know there is still lots of time. I assume that it will just happen. But what is it like to get to that point where it really might soon be too late?’

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