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A Saturday Morning at Home in Berlin

Brent and Fiona are from Australia and currently enjoying raising their sons Tom and Sam in Berlin. They live in a beautiful home which is temporary, just as their previous home was in Switzerland.  They feel that capturing the essence of their family in its present form is important because the boys are growing up so quickly.  The movement from country to country every couple of years added to the feeling of time passing and things changing.  They just can’t remember everything, every detail, but photographs can help. They value photography and see it as an investment in their family memories.  The connections, the spirit, the energy, the vibe.  They have a portrait of just the two of them taken a number of years ago by Robert Piccoli back in Melbourne, and have not had anything done since, simply because they haven’t found the right photographer.  They jumped at the chance when they came across me, because they knew I would see their family in an authentic and timeless way.  They love the ‘Your Family Story‘ concept – and even better, loved their 2011 family story.

Introducing…Fiona, Brent, Tom and Sam, at home in Berlin on a Saturday morning.

 We set the scene in the dining room over morning tea.

Tom is a little shy at first…
Little Sam plays cars with Mum.
Precious boy.
We decide to go upstairs to see Tom’s room.
He has a big map of the world on his wall.
He can see where Australia is every time he talks to family back at home. 
Sam doesn’t want to miss out on the action.
Mum and Dad follow up the stairs behind him.
Seriously, how cute is he!? 
Something’s gone missing…
In Sam’s room Mum pulls out a Thomas the Tank book.
The image at the left shows how much Sam looks like his mother.

Always the perfect time to climb on TOP of Mum! 
It’s time to head outside, Sam is tooooo cute!!!
Little legs, little feet, a favourite scooter and those big killer eyes. 
Oh dear, someone doesn’t want to go outside.
While Tom contemplates his fate Sam’s up for some swinging fun.
Discussions with Fiona take place over the merits of staying indoors vs. going outside into the ‘forest’.
Suddenly Tom clutches onto Mum and holds on tight. 
He’s a just lovely boy.
Fiona is a beautiful and patient mum.
I love the connection between the two boys, even though you can’t see their faces.
Mum takes up the slack!
Oh but come on how lovely!
At around the age of one, Sam still needs close cuddles and supervision.
A family photo session in Berlin wouldn’t be complete without some street art. 
Tom and Sam are the best of buddies, and hide and seek in the deep dark forest is perfect.
I see you.
Sssshhh! I’m counting!
Brent’s steady arm and Fiona’s assured tone keep the boys calm and happy.
Big kids can have fun too.

father and son playing hide and seek in a forest black and white photograph

Simply beautiful father and son moments.

A lovely relax in the backyard on the hammock.
This image is perfect for remembering their Berlin home. 

Oh no!
But it’s all part of a regular Saturday morning at home. 

And there was life before children!

Fiona and Brent opted for the book presentation that showcases the beautiful collection, image by image, page by page.  They have two stunning canvas wall art pieces to enjoy on their bedroom wall, and a collection of mantle prints to give as gifts and to keep for themselves.

Fiona and Brent, thank you for choosing me to capture this special time in your family life.  I truly hope that your collection brings you many years of pleasure.


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Trish - September 18, 2011 - 8:42 pm

These are beautiful, Beth! I love the very first one, with the blown-out window but the greenery outdoors is reflected in the cabinet. I love looking for the little surprises in your pictures.

Beth Jennings - September 26, 2011 - 11:29 am

Thanks Trish for your comments and insights – I love the details that you always manage to spot :)

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