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The Apple of their Eye

Thousands of miles across the seas

If you were living thousands of miles from your real home, in a foreign country, where you didn’t know anyone, you’d probably feel pretty tight with your family…right?  If you were spending one year in a far away land, you’d probably want to take home a few momentos, some good experiences, and a sense of what that place was like…right?  If you were living in Canberra, Australia, with your young, growing family for one year, and you were here from Canada, you’d want to do something to mark your time here…right?  Well, that’s exactly what Cathy and Chris decided to do.  They’re here on account of Chris, he’s an army engineer here on a year of training, and Cathy and his sweet pea Lauren are here with him.

Photo jollies

I love it love love it when people decide to get family photography done that includes their experience in a new place!!  I get my photo jollies experiencing a place through the eyes of the people in question.  Last year I photographed some Aussie ex-pat families in some random places, and it was extra special to do that.  We all had a shared sense of time suspended, like a super aware sense that what we were doing was special and temporary, being in that country together like that…in this case with Cathy and Chris, we narrowed it down to two options…capture something quintessentially Australian, or Canberran.  Cathy decided to go with Mount Ainslie lookout, a bush setting.  This is one of a couple of elevated areas in Canberra where you get sweeping views of our fine capital city that turns just 100 in 2013.  And the setting is in the bush up there, which of course, being in the bush capital, is perfect.

This is a special place for me personally.  A few years ago I took the hard love knock and spent many a Sunday afternoon doing the full walk up from the bottom and back, or riding around its perimeter, purging the dust bin energy (oh dear, so tragic darling).  There’s something magical and calming about the bush here, I just love it, an hour or two out in it is never enough, I just want to spend the whole day in it.  When I’m away, I truly miss it, the smell of the eucalypts and the muted green colours, it must all be in my blood.  Late afternoons at Mount Ainslie, you really can’t beat that in Canberra.  So it really means something to me that I could give this treasure to Cathy and Chris to take home with them.


The session itself was so much fun and of course I didn’t want it to end…Lauren is the apple of their eye…and she’s such a honey…I wonder if she’ll remember her time here at all?  Maybe she’ll have a few fleeting memories.  The shoot wasn’t just about the bush, though, of course, it’s a doubly as it’s also about Cathy, Chris and Lauren.  Their connection, their family, their love and care for their little girl.  oooohh Dads and their daughters, getting that on camera is – yeah I don’t know how to put words to that.  It’s just gold.  It just is. And yummy mummies, hummena hummena!! I love that gorgeous smile Cathy, keep it comin’!  Thank you so much to you both, to give me an opportunity to capture a glimpse of your family magic.

OK Canberrans, hit me with some of your favourite places…tell me which places you love to be in and why, or shoot in, if you happen to be a photographer … I’m curious to know and always keeping an eye out for new places and ideas.




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Cathy - September 6, 2010 - 1:19 pm

Oh Beth. What a great experience this has been. Australia, Canberra, watching my girl grow, capturing our family awesomeness (!) – so very happy. Teary too as I look at these pictures, this art, again. Can’t wait to have it all in my hands :) Thank you for your perspective on my lovely family. Cheers.

Beth Jennings - September 6, 2010 - 1:34 pm

Cathy it was just so lovely to have the opportunity, and thanks so much for entrusting me. i loved doing this work for you. I know you searched on google and I’m so happy that you selected me in the end…and don’t be surprised if I turn up one day in Canada on a shooting trip it’s only a plane ride away you know :) much love xxx

Tracy - September 7, 2010 - 7:49 am

love the connection you’ve captured of this family. Thanks for posting this location. I never realised there were walkways there. Now ill just have to visit :)

Beth Jennings - September 7, 2010 - 10:28 am

yeah it’s so beautiful up there, it’s a bit of a Canberra treasure. You should go there next time you’re in town…it’s also lovely up there at dawn too, especially during the balloon festival. thanks for your words on the connection on the family, I am really trying to push that, so it’s good to have that feedback, thanks Tracy!

sandra mountain - September 8, 2010 - 5:14 am

I am Auntie to Lauren, sister to Cathy, sister-in-law to Chris…wow, these photos are stunning! what a great idea to capture their time there, because its here, then its gone,,,wonderful..

Beth Jennings - September 8, 2010 - 8:59 am

Sandra thanks so much for taking the time to leave me your thoughts…I really appreciate the feedback from you. And you are making a qualified statement, because you know Cathy, Chris and Lauren, so you understand my rants and raves about holding the moment! :) Thank you so much, it was such a nice start to my day to receive this great feedback and encouraging words. xx

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