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Flammkuchen und Heisse Schokolade

I met up with friends today at the Tiergarten, a massive park in the city which I love to cycle through. Waterways meander through it, the sun dapples through the trees (if it’s not raining, ha ha) and it’s the perfect setting for a lazy afternoon of German pizza, flammkuchen, and beers.

Gorgeous, darling.
The pizza dough is really light.
Creme fraîche, sliced onion and fine bacon bits are added on top.
Flammkuchen literally means ‘flame cake’, so yes it’s wood fired.
It comes from the border with France at Alsace, the French version is called ‘tarte flambée’.

The weather turned and so we went inside where it was warm and toasty.
Gosh darn it someone next us was having a heisse schokolade, a hot chocolate.
A gorgeous, creamy lump of real chocolate is served in your cup.
The hot milk is poured over it and stirred until the chocolate melts in.
Double mwah.

Yes I have added a kilo or two with this stunning German diet.
Do I look like I care? Nup.
I feel happier and healthier now than I have in a while, so I’ll accept the kilo or two if this is the result.


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