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I had my annual pilgrimage to Tropfest last weekend.  It’s a must-do-must-see-must-have event for me.  Tropfest is an annual short film festival that began humbly in the Tropicana Cafe in Sydney’s Darlinghurst in 1993.  Just in Canberra alone it now attracts in the vicinity of 20,000 people to the outdoor screening of the final 16 from a pool of 600 entries.  The films are diverse, but linked by a common thread, this year it was ‘spring’.  I’d like to post this year’s winner ‘Be My Brother’ but it’s not yet available at the time of writing.  So here above is posted last year’s winner.

What I love about this event is that the films need not be created with the finest equipment and the finest actors, they can be technically very simple yet effective in their story-telling.  So even though this event is quite a big deal now within the Australian film industry, it has not lost sight of it’s vision and purpose: to judge the story told the most effectively in the format of a short film.


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