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C|O Berlin

C|O Berlin is a photography gallery here in Mitte that resides in an old post office. I do rather love this place. It’s a Berlin institution, a must see.  They use a few of the downstairs rooms, it’s all rough and totally un-OH&S with tiles coming up and paint peeling and that’s what we love about it.  There is a huge room that housed a basketball floor/gym for the employees and they use the space now to hang exhibitions.  In true Berlin style things are just converted for modern use. It’s much less common to see things knocked down altogether.  So the history and culture remains, layer upon layer.  At C|O Berlin the exterior is beautiful, and they don’t hold back in putting up an artwork to grab your attention above the main steps that face the busy Oranienburgerstr.  Today I saw work by American photographer Larry Clark and Polish photographer RAfal Milach. Both completely different and excellent in presentation and execution. Fantastico!


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